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Draco Design's new Draco 5 aluminum bumper case for Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5 features curved lines that look like a ribbon wrapped around a smart phone. The product, which is produced from high CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum, is produced utilizing a 5-axis CNC milling machine. A quick look into the packaging shows an elegant casing. This review is made to be able to examine the product's usability along with other key features.

The situation doesn't have screen protector, however it includes hex-type screws. The case's right side includes a hole that allows users to make use of the smart phone's slot for the Sim, while the opening found in the bottom can be used for that lighting port, microphone, straight earphone plug, and lanyard. The top features a power button and another opening. The Sim slot seems unnecessary, also it affects the case's smooth design. Its shock absorbing features aim to protect the smart phone from accidental drops.

iPhone 5 Cases

While using product might be hard for some users, however the installation process is rather simple. It involves positioning the mute switch cover on the phone's switch and aligning case to the iPhone. The casing's upper and left sides have to be pressed first, then the best and lower part. The bolts should then be screwed carefully in order to avoid damaging the metal.

Draco's cases for that iPhone 4 maintained for affecting mobile phone signal, but the company's current product solves this problem. An iPhone fitted with a Draco 5 was tested for signal reduction in various locations, also it was discovered that the casing almost didn't have effect on signal strength despite being made from aluminum. Other users have reported alterations in long-term evolution (LTE) reception, though.

The product is a bit heavy, but the added protection provided by the casing compensates for that added weight. It shape is comparable to Samsung's Galaxy S3 smartphone, but Draco's casing includes a better metal quality which makes it more attractive. The front part's edges do not really protect the iPhone's screen, however the raised edges available at the rear provide excellent protection for the phone. In terms of ergonomics, it can be asserted the case feels somewhat uncomfortable against the skin. Users of Draco 4 even claim that the brand new casing's structural design is inferior when compared with its predecessor. However, it is also asserted Draco 5's overall design plays a role in a great consumer experience because it simplifies use of certain buttons. Its thinner appearance improves the iPhone's overall look, and how it can hold the phone firmly in place causes it to be easier to use.

The aluminum case, that is priced at 90 USD, is available in 6 trendy colors: black, silver, red, blue, purple, and gray. It may be classified as a middle-range iPhone case when it comes to its current price, but its excellent features and quality causes it to be a worthy purchase.